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Is this how your insurance company has treated you?

  • The insurance company seems to be be a big impersonal corporation, interested in its own bottom line profits and in making money to pay their shareholders.
  • They seem to be more concerned about finding reasons not to pay your long term disability claim than in finding reasons to pay your long term disability claim.
  • They say you filed your claim “late” even though you had a good reason why you didn’t file it earlier.
  • The insurance claim adjudicator is rude to you. Then the disability insurance company sends out a “rehabilitation consultant” to visit you at your home.  The rehabilitation consultant seems to do little more than act as a double agent to get covert information for the disability insurance company.  Then the rehabilitation consultant tears pages from the phone book and says, “Here, go apply for a job.”
  • If you don’t know computers the insurance company may send you to a weekend computer course and then say you are qualified for a sit down or sedentary job when you have no computer skills.
  • Adjudicators sometimes say, “Oh, you can still do something. You’re not totally disabled”, when that is not the legal test of disability that applies to your insurance policy.
  • They  switch claims representatives on you until you don’t know who you are dealing with.  You can’t get a straight answer, except for saying, “The medical evidence is insufficient.”  You ask what more they want, and you can’t get a clear answer.
  • They may ask for medical documents within 30 days, when they know you  can’t get your doctor to fill in the medical forms that quickly.
  • Insurance companies may complain that you haven’t see a specialist, even if you are on the waiting list to see one.  And that your doctor doesn’t have a diagnosis, even though you are following all medical advice.
  • They say you’re not cooperating with your treatment even though you are doing all you reasonably can.
  • They seem to give you unreasonable time frames, yet take a long time in making their decisions.  They expect you to pay for any medical documentation.  If they order a medical report from your doctor, they only pay him the bare minimum to scribble out a form as to why you are disabled.
  • They ask for medical reports where your doctor says you are disabled, yet once they get the medical reports they don’t believe your doctors.
  • They will complain about lack of objective medical evidence when you don’t even know what that means.
  • They will send you to “their” doctor, and while you think that doctor has been hired to help you, he or she is really looking for evidence as to why you are not disabled and don’t qualify for benefits.
  • They will scrutinize every sentence of every piece of medical documentation concerning your medical condition and take it out of context.
  • Then they “close your claim” giving you only 30 or 90 days to appeal, misleading you into thinking that if you missed that 90 day period, you are out of time and have no further rights.

Now not all insurance companies act this way. And not all the time. But some do!

  • If you feel this is how you were treated, and you have been denied disability benefits you need an experienced disability lawyer with expertise in dealing with insurance companies and holding them to the terms of your insurance contract. You need to hire Allan Bayda and his staff at Bayda Disability Law Firm.
  • Allan Bayda is a Calgary long term disability lawyer with experience and expertise handling long term disability claim appeals. He runs a law firm helping disabled persons denied disability benefits that live in Alberta and Saskatchewan fight for their disability insurance benefits.
  • Often insurance companies deny claims based on lack of objective medical evidence or they say they need more information to approve the claim.
  • Bayda Law Firm can help equalize the playing field. Insurance claims adjudicators deal with disability claims all the time. This may be your only claim.  They have the money to send you to see their doctors. They have the money to hire investigators to surveillance of you doing things your doctor said would help your medical condition.
  • Disability claimants are at a disadvantage not knowing the “system” and how it works. Bayda Law Firm and his staff can explain the “system” to you and look after your best interests. They can handle appealing the denial of your disability benefits.
  • Bayda Law Firm does’t require any upfront fees. Call the Bayda Disability Law Firm  office if your disability claim has been denied or terminated. They will help you appeal your denial or termination!
  • This site was designed to give you some general information on disability insuranceCanada Pension Plan (CPP) disability claimsGroup Insurance, disability claims (usually through your employment) and Private Insurance Plan disability claims. The information contained here is an introductory guide and background information to the process of disability insurance claims.
  • This website provides you with information as to what to expect when making a disability insurance claim.   Bayda Law Firm doesn’t want you blindsided when your appeal is denied.


Bayda Law Firm – Calgary Disability Lawyers


If you are totally disabled and the insurance company or Canada Pension Plan has denied your claim, do not give up! Call our office today and let us help you with your claim.

Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Claims

Over the past 15 years, they have handled hundreds of long term disability insurance claims in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Calgary office is just off Deerfoot Trail near 32nd Avenue and 19th Street NE. They are located across from the McCall Golf Course in northeast Calgary. Free parking is available.

Allan and his staff can help you with your long term disability claim to get the benefits you are entitled to.


Reasons to hire the long term disability lawyers at Bayda Law Firm

  • If you hire Bayda Disability Law firm you don’t have to speak to the insurance claims adjudicator anymore.
  • Bayda Disability Law Firm has experience having represented many hundreds of clients with disability claims,
  • Bayda Disability Law Firm care about you as a person, not just a number.
  • They have the expertise representing claimants appealing Long Term Disability Claims,
  • They have the respect of their clients and other lawyers and get business though word of mouth and referrals.
  • They do not charge to review your claim by telephone or in person,
  • If they take your case, they do not charge fees until the resolution of your claim.
  • They take cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that they only charge legal fees if your claim is successful.
  • They will tell you the truth about whether your claim is worth pursuing,
  • They take cases on a percentage basis where the legal fees are a percentage of your recovery from the disability insurance company,
  • The have sued all the major insurance companies for breach of their contractual obligations to pay insurance benefits.  They have never acted on behalf of insurance companies.
  • They have many happy and satisfied clients.
  • They will assist you in ensuring your disability claim is properly documented so that your claim will settle for fair value.


Bayda Law Firm has handled many different types of disability claims including:

  • fibromyalgia
  • psychiatric issues
  • anxiety and depression
  • disabling nerve pain
  • schizophrenia
  • severe back or neck pain
  • herniated discs
  • severe vision problems
  • Crohn’s disease
  • colitis
  • chronic pain
  • inoperable neck problems
  • thoracic outlet syndrome
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
  • advanced diabetes
  • multiple sclerosis
  • cancer
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • heart conditions

Free Review of Your Claim

  • For a free review of your long term disability claim, call the Bayda Disability Law Firm at
    403-670-0070 or toll free 1-855-670-0070.
  • The staff at Bayda Disability Law Firm will discuss your individual circumstances.  They can give you some general advice and let you know if they can assist you with your disability claim.
  • They can give you some free tips and advice by telephone on what you can do to try to appeal your claim on your own. If they think they can help you with your claim, they will set up an appointment and  will meet with you in person to discuss how they can help you appeal your claim.
  • Distance in Alberta or Saskatchewan is not a problem as they have the technological tools to help you with your disability claim irrespective of the distance to their office.

Call the Bayda Disability Law firm as soon as possible after your denial to discuss your disability insurance claim.  They represent disabled clients from throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta.

With today’s technology the  majority of legal work is done by  by telephone, fax and email.

Where ever you live, Bayda Disability Law Firm are the disability lawyers that can help.



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