No Fees Until Recovery

  • Legal fees are usually based on a percentage of the ultimate settlement obtained on behalf of the client. The percentage fee can vary depending on the strength of the case and the amount in dispute. Because percentage fees are based on a contingency there is no legal fee payable if the claim is not successful. Percentage fees, also known as contingency fees, are charged based on the amount recovered as a result of the lawyer’s efforts.
  • Persons with a disability claim have usually not been working for a period of time and often do not have money for medical reports and court filing fees. In appropriate cases Bayda Law Firm will cover all these costs in advance and recover them as part of the final settlement.
  • Bayda Law Firm believes that sometimes the insurance industry wins cases simply based on the lack of financial resources of the claimant and due to the fact the claimant is disabled and psychologically unable to continue his or her appeal without professional help.
  • We can help you get the benefits you deserve.


If you are having trouble coping with the stress of dealing with the insurance company representatives, phone Bayda Disability Law Firm at (403) 670-0070 to discuss your situation.